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Coach Trev

My Story


Over the past 3 decades, sport has always been a guiding force toward experiences I wanted in life. Lacrosse in particular, has allowed me to discover who I am, what I want to offer to the world, and how scary things can be when not in control of ones attitude and effort.

In 2014, I broke my back while preparing for my senior season at Seton Hill University, and fell into a substance use disorder that lasted for the next few years. Upon returning home, getting sober, and engaging with the local lacrosse communities, I realized how many others were ill-prepared for the lifestyle that came along with being an NCAA athlete. I saw an opportunity to help others avoid my mistakes. 

In 2017, I started Take Control Training, which strives to change the landscape of how Canadian athletes prepare for the next level. We teach our community to be multi-dimensional human beings, and to take pride in all that they do - especially being a good teammate.

As a coach, I understand the importance of vulnerability, consistency, and honesty. My athletes are encouraged to share who they are with entire TCT community, and they have. I love the amount of inside jokes and traditions we have created over the past 7 years.

To date, TCT has coached and tested over 2,000
athletes across a variety of teams, academies, and sports, all over North America.  

But this is just my story - I'd love to hear yours, so don't be a stranger!

- Coach Trev 

What Our Athletes Think

The best move I have made for my career was to join TCT and work with Trevor. The work I have done with Trevor has greatly improved my on floor ability and I wouldn’t be the goaltender today if it wasn’t for him. Trevor puts in more work than any trainer and that’s because he cares about his athletes' success, he wants us to achieve our goals just as much as we do.

Zachary Higgins

Philadelphia Wings

New Westminster Salmonbellies

Apply to the TCT Academy

Training spaces are limited. 
We are a private studio and choose who we work with. 
Our athletes maintain good standing with school, work, and our community. 

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